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0.6-m Boller & Chivens Telescope (IAG)

2011, May 9/10: Overview

Observer: D. Moser


  • Pol+iXon
  • Detector: ?

Apart from the observations listed below 250 more frames have been obtained. For these, no object name has been defined. Therefore, no further information about these observations is available here.

Number of exposed CCD frames:

  • Bias: 2
  • Dark:
    • none
  • Flat Field:
    • 7 exposures of ? sec; named: "flat "
  • Object: 57

List of observed objects:

Object Right ascension Declination No. of exposures
T Pyx 9: 4:41 -32:22:47 57

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These data become/became public on: 2013 May 9

Note: Certain observations of the night may have a different release date.
Consult the page for the individual observations!