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OPD Data Bank

Search the data bank by keywords

You may search the data bank for observations with specific values for individual keywords. Two groups of keywords exist:

  • Character type keywords:

    If you know already the value of the keyword type it in the text box behind the name of the keyword in the following list. All observations containing this keyword value are then listed. Otherwise, select a particular keyword by clicking on the radio-button in front of the keyword name. A list of all values for this keyword encountered in the data bank is then displayed. From this list you may then choose a particular value, and all corresponding observations will be listed.

  • Integer or real type keywords:

    In these cases two text-boxes appear behind the keyword name. You may define a range a range of values. All observations for which the corresponding keyword value lies within this range are then displayed. If only one of the two text-boxes is filled in, only those observations with exactly this keyword value are displayed.

In order to avoid very long lists the display of the observations is performed in two steps. First, a list of objects corresponding to the requested keyword value (separated by observing night and telescope) is displayed along with the number of individual exposures. A more detailed list for each object (and observing night and telescope) is then displayed on request.

Character type keywords:


Integer and real type keywords:

Universal time: from to
Sidereal time: from to
Hour angle: from to
Exposure time (sec): from to
Dark time (sec): from to
No. of accumulated images: from to
Airmass from to
Detector gain: from to
Readout noise: from to
Zerolevel: from to

A search for keywords values on the entire data bank my take a considerable amount of time. It is therefore recommended to confine the search to a particular telescope or to a range in time if appropriate!

You may restrict the search to the data of a particular telescope:
You may restrict the search to a certain range in time:
start of range
end of range

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