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LNA Data Bank

Data request form

To get access to the data please fill in this form:

The data will be made available in one of two forms:

  1. They are put on an FTP server. You will be notified by email when the data are available and may then download them by anomynous ftp.
  2. They will be sent to you on tape (recommendable for larger amounts of data). Please mail an empty EXABYTE- or DAT-tape to the data bank manager in this case!
  3. They will be sent to you on CD (recommendable for larger amounts of data).

Note that for logistical reasons it is not possible to order individual data files. You can only request all data of a given night and telescope. If you need only a subset, you can restrict yourself to downloading only the desired data from the FTP Server (in case of option 1; see above) or disregard the surplus files on your tape (option 2).

You may request data of five different nights/telescopes. If you need more data please send multiple requests.

Note: Only registered users may request data. If you are note yet registered, please download the registration form

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After processing your request, the data will be made available for download via FTP.

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